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The Monster – Audelia’s Story

She Has The Smile Of An Angel and Heart Of A Demon Audelia is young, talented with a ton of possibilities lined up for her future.  She just has one major problem.  The monster... I hate her.  She is the bane of my existence.  I often prey for the ability to wish her away the way… Continue reading The Monster – Audelia’s Story


Frozen, A Writer’s Nightmare

My chest hurts.   Breathe.   I must remember to breathe.   But I can't.   I am frozen.   Eyes shut tight.   Body locked.   Brain shut down.   Not even sweat has the courage to appear upon my brow. This is a death not so painful, yet excruciating in its corruption. This… Continue reading Frozen, A Writer’s Nightmare

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A Big Kiss Thank You!

Thank you readers! I want to thank everyone who has downloaded or purchased the romantic prose novella, To The One I Love.  Thanks to you all To The One I Love is #1 in the contemporary poetry category and #6 the love poetry category in Kindle Store at A big kiss to all my… Continue reading A Big Kiss Thank You!

The Discovery, The Galaxy Ryder Series, Updates

The Discovery, Book One of The Galaxy Ryder Series

Some Secrets Are Released With A Big Bang You'd think trying to survive high school was a full-time job.  Not for Crosspin Bryant.  If Cross thought his book bag was filled to the zipper before, what will he do when his grandparents decide to throw in a few family secrets? The only way to find… Continue reading The Discovery, Book One of The Galaxy Ryder Series