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Dawn Gena, Writer

George Lucas or Martin Scorsese would more than likely laugh at my little video but what can I say?  A few authors, including yours truly,  were asked to create some form of media that expressed something about them.   Here is my effort.   Ha, ha, ha... Visit me at to learn more of… Continue reading Dawn Gena, Writer

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The Noose: A Mystery Novelette by Dawn Gena

I came to on the floor, wedged between the back seat and the front seat of what I thought to be a passenger van or SUV. I was lying on my stomach with my right arm pinned under me. My jaw was throbbing from the hit I had taken from that Neanderthal who had walked up to me outside of the airport terminal. Though the windows seemed to have a dark tint, the sun’s rays were doing their best to fry my back.

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To The One I Love @

A Quick Update The novelettes, To The One I Love and The Secret are now available at I'm still amazed at how many people have downloaded To The One I Love.  Maybe there are more true romantics out there than let on. Whatever the case may be, thank you.