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George Lucas or Martin Scorsese would more than likely laugh at my little video but what can I say?  A few authors, including yours truly,  were asked to create some form of media that expressed something about them.   Here is my effort.   Ha, ha, ha…

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The Noose: A Mystery Novelette by Dawn Gena

A Woman’s Point Of View

The Noose: A Mystery Novelette by Dawn Gena
The Noose: A Mystery Novelette by Dawn Gena

Hmm, I don’t know, maybe readers would prefer a woman?  It doesn’t seem as if anyone had anything to say about Scott Coleman, a male, being the main character of  The Noose.  Let’s see if anyone wants to comment on the lead character being a woman.  Frankly I think a woman would be great.  After all, woman are resourceful, tenacious, intelligent and let’s not forget passionate.

The Noose by Dawn Gena
The Noose by Dawn Gena

An account of events as told by Loraine Barton:

I came to on the floor, wedged between the back seat and the front seat of what I thought to be a passenger van or SUV.    I was lying on my stomach with my right arm pinned under me.  My jaw was throbbing from the hit I had taken from that Neanderthal who had walked up to me outside of the airport terminal.  Though the windows seemed to have a dark tint, the sun’s rays were doing their best to fry my back.

 The vehicle wasn’t moving so I wasn’t sure whether we were still at the airport or if I had been driven some place else.  I was about to raise my head when the driver’s seat shook a little and the door opened causing the small chiming noise of the car door to sound off.  I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing as much as I could to make them think that I was still unconscious.

 “I’ll get us some food and water.”  A woman’s voice said from the driver’s seat.  Her voice reminded me of the woman who had approached me just before I had been punched.

 “You gas up and keep an eye on the package.  Notice I said eye.  Don’t you dare lay another hand on her.” The woman threatened.

 The package?  Were they referring to me?  The front passenger door opened and the vehicle bounced and swayed as if something heavy was being removed.  My guess, it was the massive monster who had slugged me.

 The smells of gasoline, grilled meat and heat rushed in through the door the monster had left open.  I could hear car doors opening and closing, children laughing and an occasional car horn honking.  We seemed to be at a gas station.  A very busy gas station.

 My head was at an awkward angle that had the bottom of my chin resting on the floor mat with my neck craned back.  I was about to move my head to a more comfortable position when everything went dark.  I no longer felt the sun’s heat on my back.  The overgrown troll must have been looking in the back window at me.  I held my breath and froze.  The last thing I wanted was for him to know I was conscious.  It seemed like forever before the sunlight returned.  The troll had moved away from the passenger right rear window.

 By then, my neck was screaming for relief.  I had to move my head.  I heard the door of the gas tank spring open and then the twist of the gas cap.  The troll was still on the right side toward the rear of the van or SUV.   I finally thought it safe enough to move my head.  As I did, pain shot from my neck, then my shoulders, ending at the back of my head.  I tasted blood from my lip as I bit down to stifle my groan.  Now, through my left eye, I could see more of my prison.  From the look of it, I was in an SUV.  The logo of the automaker was emblazoned in a small corner of the door between the window and the armrest.  I also had a limited view out the rear right side window.  I saw no sign of the troll.  I could, however, hear him fumbling with the gas pump nozzle in the tank every now and again.

 I had no idea where they were taking me or what they wanted.  What I did know was that I probably wouldn’t have a better chance, than at that moment, to try to escape.  I tuned my ears to listen for the slightest noise as I slowly slid my left arm up my side and past my head.  My knuckles grazed along the left door panel until they made contact with the door latch.   I stopped and listened to make sure the troll was still filling the gas tank.  As if on queue, the springs on the right rear of the SUV lowered as the Neanderthal leaned against it.

 I grasped the door latch and slowly pulled it toward me.  The door opened with a faint pop.  Sunlight blazed through the crack in the doorway blinding me.  I pushed the door wider and raised myself on my hands and knees as I began to crawl toward the open door.

 The SUV was higher off the ground than I had anticipated.  I moved so quickly through the opening I had no time to brace myself for the two-foot drop to the ground.  My hands came down hard on the oil stained cement.  My arms buckled and my head smacked the ground.  The rest of my body tumbled out with one of my feet still caught in the doorway.

 I heard a sharp gasp and looked up to find a woman quickly guiding her children around me as she stared at me in horror.

 “Call the police!”  I called after her retreating back.  The woman and her children disappeared around the front of the SUV without a backward glance.  Ignoring the shards of pain, I hurriedly untangled myself and was about to stand up when I heard a voice directly behind me.

 “Going somewhere?”  I turned around, knowing it was none other than the troll.  From where I crouched, my line of sight fell on his kneecaps.  I gathered my breath and opened my mouth to let out the loudest yell I could manage.  The cry locked in my throat as the troll stepped closer and placed the barrel of his big gun in the center of my chest.  My eyes climbed his large rumpled frame until they came to his mouth.  What I saw there did not encourage me to venture any further.  The troll’s wide mouth was twisted into a cruel grin that bared a lot of big white teeth.  Too stupid to halt there, my eyes met his.  His green eyes were vacant yet somehow managed to convey the layer upon layer of maliciousness that vibrated through his being.

 “Sneaky bitch,” he sneered.  For someone so large, he could move quickly.  Before I could register what was happening, he drew the gun back and clubbed me on the side of my head.  Damn, that was going to leave another bruise.  Miranda was not going to be pleased…

 Note to self:  Did I mention I was going to kill the bastard?

The Discovery: Book Two of The Galaxy Ryder Series

Sorry for the delay.

The Discovery: Book Two of  The Galaxy Ryder Series
The Discovery: Book Two of The Galaxy Ryder Series

There are some things that can’t be helped or avoided.  Time, tide and once in a while personal issues.  I do apologize to my readers for the delay in the release of The Discovery.   I will do my best to get Book Two in The Galaxy Ryder Series out as soon as possible.  I want to thank you for your inquires and your patience.  I appreciate both as well as your interest in The Discovery and the other forthcoming books in the Galaxy Ryder Series.

The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena
The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena

The Noose, A Mystery,Thriller, Adventure Novelette

Meet Scott Coleman.

The Noose by Dawn Gena
The Noose by Dawn Gena


He works hard.  Plays harder.  He’s a good provider, great husband and stellar dad.  Unfortunately, none of these characteristics will help Scott Coleman or his family as they traverse the pages of The Noose.

An account of events as told by Scott Coleman:

My cell phone rang.  I tried to fish the phone out of my pocket while juggling my briefcase and duty-free bags.  It was my wife Lydia’s ringtone.  Lydia always worried when my flights got delayed.  This one must have been especially nerve-racking for her.  Bad weather had plagued the trip causing the flight to be three hours late.  I surmised Lydia had gotten tired of waiting for me to call.  If I had deduced correctly, it meant I was in for an ear full.

 “Hi doll face, we just landed.  I should be home in about an hour.”  I knew the routine.  If I could get a few words in first, I could usually let some of the steam out of Lydia’s boiling kettle.

“I missed you.”  I lowered my voice.  Pictures of Lydia in that hot little number I had in one of my bags danced in my head.  “Send the kids to your sister’s for a while so I can show you how much.”

“Isn’t that sweet?”  A deep voice mocked.  I held the cell phone away from my ear and checked the number on my screen.  My wife’s ringtone.  My wife’s number.

“Who is this?”  I demanded, too surprised to be embarrassed.  “Where is Lydia?”

“Who I am is of no consequence.  Where’s your wife?  That’s a very good question, Mr. Coleman.”  The voice was deep and cultured.  The kind more suited to narrating a PBS special than playing twenty questions on the phone with me.

 “Then cut the bull and tell me where she is!”  I knew it was irrational, but my first thought was that Lydia had left me.  She and the kids were everything to me.  Our life was good.  Some even said, too good.  Well, if I was finally getting that boot in the ass, I wasn’t going to bend over and simply take it!

 “Put my wife on the phone.”  I ordered.  If the expressions of my fellow passengers were any indication, I was loud.

 I broke away from the moving mass as they trudged out of the airport terminal.  I needed some privacy.  I found a quiet corner.

 “She’s unavailable at the moment.”  Mr. PBS taunted.  Note to self: bash this guy’s face in when we cross paths.

“Where’s my wife?”  I repeated.  My temper had started to sizzle.  I tried not to grind my teeth.

 “Your wife is fine.  You need to listen to me very carefully and follow my instructions to the letter if you want her to remain that way.”

 This had to be a joke.  That was it!  Lydia loved to pull elaborate pranks on me.  I mean all out productions that even included the neighbors.  “Look, I’ve just gotten off of a long flight and I’m tired.  You tell Lydia her prank has gone way beyond funny this time.”

 I pressed the end button and fell back in with the last of the passengers from my flight.  Lydia’s ringtone accompanied me while I collected my suitcase from baggage claim.  She was probably calling to apologize.  I was still angry.  I had to cool off before I spoke to her.

I finally gave in and answered.  “Lydia, I don’t think…”

 “Good.  Don’t think, just listen, Mr. Coleman.”  It was Mr. PBS.  “If you hang up on me again, things will not go very well for your family.”

 I had been about to step out the terminal doors.  I stopped.  My wife and kids?  What if this wasn’t a prank?

 “Who the hell are you?  Where are my wife and kids?”  I kept telling myself not to panic but something in Mr. PBS’s voice said I should.

 He chuckled.  I couldn’t believe it.  Mr. PBS threatens my family and laughs.  Note to self: kill the bastard.

 “Much better.  I can tell I finally have your attention.  Your family is fine, Mr. Coleman and will remain so as long as you do what I tell you.”

 “What do you want?  Put my wife on the phone so I know they’re okay.”  I heard myself say the words but couldn’t believe them.  Who would want to harm my family and why?  I sold aircraft parts for a living.  We lived comfortably, but you weren’t going to see me featured in Forbes any time soon.  My wife designed her own line of jewelry, another innocuous profession.  Why us?

 “I told you, she’s indisposed.  You will have to accept my word on the subject.  Your family is fine.”

 I opened my mouth to argue, but stopped for two reasons.  One: the security guard near the exit was staring at me.  Two: what was the point in arguing?  I needed to know what was going on.

 “No more questions, Mr. Coleman.  I’m running out of patience and you’re on a tight schedule.”  The words were clipped.  His voice was cold.  “If you ever want to see your family again, I’d advise you do as I say.”  Did every kidnapper say those lines?  Was there a school for kidnappers?  “Collect your baggage and wait for my…associates outside the terminal.”

My blood ran cold.  No matter how I sliced it; my bread was toasted.

The Noose: We Want It Now

Patience? I don’t have any either.

The Noose, A Thriller/Adventure novelette by Dawn Gena
The Noose, A Thriller/Adventure novelette by Dawn Gena

Since I’ve started publishing many of the books I wrote for Chronicle Keeperz as ebooks with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various other book sellers there have been a few requests to hurry and get The Noose out there.   In response, folks I’m moving along as fast as I can.

The Noose by Dawn Gena
The Noose by Dawn Gena

The Noose happens to be my favorite series too.  I do have one dilemma when it comes to this novelette series.  Should the main character be a man or a woman?  I wish I could decide based on sales but just as many women purchased the thriller/adventure novelette with themselves or another female as the lead character as did men.  In the coming days I will publish a portion of a chapter from The Noose on this blog.  In one post will be The Noose with a female lead character and another post will have the lead character as a male.  You decide which you like better.


The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series

Some Secrets Are Released With A Big Bang

The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena
The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena

You’d think trying to survive junior high school was a full-time job.  Not for Curtis Bryant.  If Curtis thought his book bag was filled to the zipper before, what will he do when his grandparents decide to throw in a few family secrets?

The only way to find out is to read The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series due out later this month.

The Discovery, Book 2 of The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena
The Discovery by Dawn Gena

A Taste Of My Sister’s Soul

It’s a Woman’s Prerogative

My Sister's Soul, a novel by Dawn Gena
My Sister’s Soul, a novel by Dawn Gena

My next book to be released is titled, My Sister’s Soul.  The stories in this book feature glimpses into the relationships between women and the men they love.   Some of the stories included in My Sister’s Soul will prompt you to ask questions about love and sanity.  When it comes to love, is there a right or wrong?  If so, what do you do when you know you’ve crossed that finite line?  Is it always so easy to walk away?

Meet Destiny.  This is a brief taste of her soul…

How do I describe Sincyre?  He is as dark as the richest chocolate and as hard and cool as sculpted steel.  My mouth waters at the thought of tasting him.  My hands itch with the need to touch him.  It doesn’t matter where or when as long as it is often.

Sincyre is a beautiful angel set loose among the lost and downtrodden like me.  Unfortunately, the angel that comes to mind has more in common with Lucifer than Gabriel.

In my more rational moments, I think that Sincyre walks this planet solely to put me through hell.  In my irrational moments, I know Sincyre’s sole purpose is to drag me through hell kicking and screaming.  The sad part is I love every hair-raising, knee-scraping minute of it.  Go ahead and say what we both know.  I am pathetic.

Sincyre draws me to him with empty promises, lies and teasing glimpses of a future together that will never be.  My self-preservation and common sense are thrown to the same winds that blow him through my front door from time to time.  I readily welcome every mistreatment with open arms.  Why?  I love him and in my desperation to have him, I accept everything.

Do you still think I am pathetic or does your judgment lean toward something more severe now?  I understand.  My friends are few these days.  My family has all but forgotten me.  No one can comprehend this overwhelming need I have to be with Sincyre.  One by one they have abandoned me, rather than watch me suffer.  Suffer is their word, not mine.  I wish I had the strength to care but my energy, my heart, my life are all for Sincyre.

Thank You!

A Heart Felt Thank You!

Thank You - To The One I Love by Dawn Gena
Thank You – To The One I Love by Dawn Gena

I want to thank everyone for dropping by my page on smashwords.com and downloading, the love letter ebook, To The One I Love.  I had no idea the book would garner so much interest in this day and age.  Last by certainly not least, thanks so much for the wonderful reviews.

To The One I love is also available at Kobobooks.com or Nobooko.com and Diesel-ebooks.com.  The ebook should be available at Barnesandnoble.com any day now.

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