My Sister’s Soul

Every Woman Has A Story To Tell

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My Sisters Soul Cove 2017Women’s Fiction/Anthology/Adults 18+

Book Description:

It’s a foolish claim you understand a woman.  When describing the fairer sex, the word “complex” barely scratches the surface.

My Sister’s Soul is an anthology, which gives a fleeting glimpse into the lives of twenty women as they tell their stories of love, loss, lust, abuse, and revenge.

Turn the pages and say hello to a woman who finds her happily ever after in the arms of the officer who arrests her as a possible terrorist.

Is the way to a man’s death really through his stomach?

Grab a cart and join a shopaholic as she loses more than her credit card.

We all know liars, but how many can say their best friend is so ashamed of her parents she tells everyone she’s in foster care.

They’re all here.  Several lives.  Several stories.  One book

Book Excerpt:

Sincyre is a beautiful angel set loose among the lost and downtrodden like me.  Unfortunately, the angel that comes to mind has more in common with Lucifer than Gabriel.

In my more rational moments, I think that Sincyre walks this planet solely to put me through hell.  In my irrational moments, I know Sincyre’s sole purpose is to drag me through hell kicking and screaming.  The sad part is I love every hair-raising, knee-scraping minute of it.  Go ahead and say what we both know.  I am pathetic.

Sincyre draws me to him with empty promises, lies and teasing glimpses of a future together that will never be.  My self-preservation and common sense are thrown to the same winds that blow him through my front door from time to time.  I readily welcome every mistreatment with open arms.  Why?  I love him, and in my desperation to have him, I accept everything.

My Sister’s Soul is recommended for readers 18 and older.