Chronicle Keeperz, The Secret, Updates

Free But Not For Long

The tween/young adult adventure ebook The Secret by Dawn Gena is available for free on Instafreebie. Grab your book now!

Chronicle Keeperz, My Sister's Soul

His Unstamped V Card

He Deserved Me. I promised myself when I got my shit together I would come back and find him.  He was the only one I ever wanted.  He made me laugh until my stomach hurt.  Dig deeper and think harder to find answers within others as well as myself.  He was going to be my… Continue reading His Unstamped V Card

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Make It Short And Sweet

To The One I Love is about a man who falls instantly for a woman who walks into a coffee shop.  He's a romantic at heart, so to prove to the woman that she's dealing with someone different and unique in his method of courtship he writes her love letters.

Chronicle Keeperz, To The One I Love, Updates

To The One I Love Is Live

To The One I Love, 2nd Edition, is available. After much pouting and pleading I talked my publisher, Chronicle Keeperz, into releasing my book, To The One I Love, now instead of on September 12, 2017.  If you already own the book, a content update is available for Amazon users. To everyone else interested in… Continue reading To The One I Love Is Live