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The Long Road

Lost My Way

The Long Road
The Long Road

There were times I didn’t think I’d make it.  Two heart attacks, blindness and a slew of other issues, better left unmentioned, were some of the roadblocks thrown in my path in the last few years.  By the grace of God, I’m still here and my need to write is probably stronger than ever before.  I realized how easy it is for it all to be taken away, and lesson learned, I intend to take advantage of the things I once took for granted.

I’m back.  I’m somewhat better.  And I’m raring to go.  I’ll start off with an old friend that is getting a face lift.  I have revised my novelette To The One I Love.  It now includes all the illustration, all twelve Chinese Zodiac signs and is beautifully formatted, thanks to Sigil-Ebook developed by Github Inc.  Thanks to Github I still have hair left on my head because I was definitely pulling it out trying to format my books the way everyone else was telling me to do it.  I cringed every time I looked at To The One I Love in an .epub reader.  Thank you Github.  I love Sigil!  I can’t say it enough about it.

To The One I love is looking better inside and out, the second edition of the novelette is scheduled to be released on September 12, 2017.  I would like to release it sooner if I can persuade Liam at my publisher, Chronicle Keeperz.  I know To The One I Love is definitely not for everyone.  There is no sex, despite it being in the poetry section, and sub-categorized under love and erotica.  The words do flow more like poetry and the book consists of love letters between two lovers; but don’t ask me how it wound up with an erotica label on Amazon.

Hundreds of people have downloaded it throughout the years it has been offered on Amazon.  The rankings are consistently high on Amazon, yet there are no comments regarding the book.  Please, leave a comment if you can.  Like all artists, writers want to know what you think of their work.

For all of you who supported me or were patient during my absence, I give you my heart felt thank you.  For the two ladies bold enough to write me blistering emails.  I thank you too.  I promised myself if I got better I would show you what I am capable of writing.  So ladies, I say this directly to you.  Hold onto your girdles, because I’m going to do my best to blow you away.

To The One I Love, A Story of Love Letters by Dawn Gena
To The One I Love

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