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The Noose: A Mystery Novelette by Dawn Gena

I came to on the floor, wedged between the back seat and the front seat of what I thought to be a passenger van or SUV. I was lying on my stomach with my right arm pinned under me. My jaw was throbbing from the hit I had taken from that Neanderthal who had walked up to me outside of the airport terminal. Though the windows seemed to have a dark tint, the sun’s rays were doing their best to fry my back.

The Discovery, The Galaxy Ryder Series, Updates

The Discovery: Book One of The Galaxy Ryder Series

Sorry for the delay. There are some things that can't be helped or avoided.  Time, tide and once in a while personal issues.  I do apologize to my readers for the delay in the release of The Discovery.   I will do my best to get Book One in The Galaxy Ryder Series out as… Continue reading The Discovery: Book One of The Galaxy Ryder Series