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Who Is Not Wired That Way?


A lot of you already know I have another blog on WordPress.  My name on the other blog is NotWiredThatWay.  Any one who knows me can tell you the name fits to a tee.  My loved ones, and even those I can’t stand, will tell you my elevator may skip a couple of floors on the way to the penthouse,  (Hey!  It’s my elevator I can make it go anywhere I want!) but eventually, I will get there.

As usual, I digress.  First published by Chronicle Keeperz, I wrote a packet of love letters as one of the personalized offerings for the sight. The letters were popular at first and then sales began to dwindle so CK stopped offering them.  I then took the letters and presented all twelve on my blog, NotWiredThatWay.  The interest there has remained steady, but as happens with a lot of content on the internet, a few less than industrious people started to copy (nice word for steal) a few lines, and in some instances, whole paragraphs and letters.  I guess copyright infringement and plagiarism never crossed their minds.  Very naughty!!!


Thanks for commenting on my blog. Now that you've found me, I hope you'll visit again.

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